“Be a Trava Holy Knight - Join the Order” Campaign

Holding $TRAVA Event

In this event, we offer rewards to Knights who have the highest $TRAVA buying number within a certain time period.
The event takes place in 7 days from December 13th 2021 to December 19th 2021 with 3 snapshots.
We will record the participants’ wallets on BSC Network in the period of 7 days from December 13th 2021 to December 19th 2021 and take 3 snapshots to check the top list Knights with the highest increasing amounts in the wallet: 1st snapshot (Dec 13th — Dec 14th), 2nd snapshot (Dec 15th — Dec 16th), the last snapshot (Dec 17th — Dec 19th)
The formula to calculate the final increasing amount of $TRAVA in 3 snapshots as follows
Where: x, y, z is the increasing amount in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd snapshot respectively. For example: From 13rd-14th Dec, you buy 200,000 $TRAVA. From 15th-16th Dec, you continue to buy 500,000 $TRAVA. And in the final snapshot, no $TRAVA is added to your wallet. Then, the final $TRAVA increasing will be calculated as follows:
📌Total rewards: 100 Armoury Chests
📌Total winners: top 100 $TRAVA buyers in 7 days

Lucky squires Event

We are giving 100 free Armoury Chests to 100 random Lucky Squires who complete the tasks and help us to spread the news of Trava Knight NFT, helping them to be a Knight sooner.
How to get rewards: Participate in the Lucky Squires Event via Gleam to get rewards:
Total rewards: 100 Armoury Chests Total winners: 100 Lucky Squires

Flash Sales

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