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Trava Governance module aims to bring the protocol to a new level of decentralization - Trava DAO. This module presents an on-chain governance mechanism, where the Trava community can propose and vote on protocol changes & improvements as a way of participating in the protocol’s decision-making process.
In the big picture, there are four essential components in Trava Governance: the Trava community, the DAO Committee, the Security Advisory Board (SAB), and Governance Portal & smart contracts.
  • Trava community: The most valuable resource of ideas, discussions & feedback for protocol changes. Everyone can raise their voice & share their opinion on Trava Forum or any community social channels.
  • DAO Committee: The entrusted individuals in the Trava community to submit proposals after a thorough review with discussion & feedback.
  • Security Advisory Board: The guardian for the protocol’s security when some malicious actions are aimed at the protocol or in unexpected events.
  • Governance Portal & Smart contracts: The autonomous “Hand of the King” consists of governance contracts for on-chain voting and multiple timelocks governing and automating the changes & updates of Trava Ecosystem’s smart contracts. That keeps the governance process public and transparent to everyone.
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