Trava’s incentive programs aim to encourage users who show significant commitment to the protocol's future.

veTRAVA holders will start to earn rewards in TRAVA tokens after they lock their tokens in the Trava Governance vault. When users claim their rewards, their voting power will increase. All rewards will be available in the users’ hands after their veTRAVA’s unlock time.

Weekly Rewards

Every Tuesday at 3 P.M UTC, users’ claimable rewards will increase based on their voting power proportion in the last week. The larger amount and the longer time they lock, the more voting power they will possess, and the more attractive their rewards will be.

Warm-up Rewards

For users who lock their tokens after the Tuesday checkpoint, their weekly rewards will start from next week’s checkpoint, and they will receive other types of rewards from a warm-up vault instead until the next Tuesday. So don’t worry about which day it is. You will receive incentives right after locking in the Governance vault.

The APR used for calculating the warm-up rewards is 15%

Adaptive rewarding mechanism

And to help stabilize the rewards APR as well as bring more benefits to users, the incentive program for each week might have differences, both for the weekly rewards and the warm-up rewards. Therefore, there will be an announcement every Monday. Make sure to follow our channels & feel free to raise your ideas.

With this new incentive mechanism, Trava aims to incentivize our loyal users as well as maintain stability in the downtrend for the long-term development of the protocol.

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