Staking/Depositing & Earning

How to deposit?

  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet. Make sure that you are on the BSC network (If not, you will need to reconnect)
  2. 3.
    Select the asset you that you want to deposit from the available options
  3. 4.
    Select the deposit button on the left and input the amount of the asset you want to stake
  4. 5.
    Approve the transaction in your wallet.

My earning

Your earning depends on your depositing amount. The greater the amount, the greater the earning you get. The APY ratios for each type of asset are shown on the dashboard of the staking site, you can follow it anytime.

Is there a limited amount to deposit/stake?

There is no limitation for minimum or maximum amount, you can deposit any amount you want. But we mention that you should consider when depositing a very small amount. Because for a really small amount, the transaction costs of the depositing process can be higher than your expected earnings.

How to withdraw?

To withdraw you just need to Click the “Withdraw” button on the vault in the dashboard. Select the amount to withdraw and submit the transaction.

I don’t want my deposited asset to be used as collateral, is it acceptable?

Yes, if you do not want your deposits to be used as collateral, the opt-out is available in the “deposit” section within your dashboard. After depositing, you simply switch the “use as collateral” button on the asset that you choose not to be used as collateral.
* Even when you depositing assets are on “use as collateral” status, you can withdraw it, as long as those funds are not actively being used to borrow and the withdrawal would cause a liquidation on your loans.\