Rewards Mechanism

As mentioned, with each quiz package, we will set a particular reward amount to distribute equally to the winners of each package. For example, if the total rewards of the Trava Pool Creation Package are 1000$ and there are 10 winners, each can get up to 100$.

However, this amount will not be fully sent to the winner but also be contributed to the other funds used for philanthropy activities, or rewarding the Governance, Top user, etc.

In particular, the reward (as in the example is 100$) will be spent as below:

  • 40%: For winners directly through their wallets (claimable within one week after the quiz end).

  • 40%: For winners through the vesting pool.

  • 5%: For the top 5 users of all quiz packages.

  • 5%: For the Governance (veTRAVA holders).

  • 10%: For referral rewards - If there is no referral, this amount will be used for philanthropy.

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