Leaderboard mechanism

The leaderboard is for those who get the highest score after a particular period (1 to 2 weeks). With each correct answer, players will get 2 points. On the contrary, if the answer is wrong, they will lose 1 point. Those who are in the top 5 will then receive rewards as.

Top‌ 1

Top‌ 2

Top‌ 3

Top‌ 4

Top‌ 5

45% of the Leaderboard fund

25% of the Leaderboard fund

15% of the Leaderboard fund

10% of the Leaderboard fund

5% of the Leaderboard fund

As mentioned, 5% of the total reward will be funded for rewarding the top users. In this case, we call it the "Leaderboard fund".

In the case of two participants having the same score, a tiebreaker mechanism will be taken into account. We will calculate the total time elapsed from when each quiz was published to when the user submitted the answer for that quiz, and whoever has the lowest time will be ranked above those with higher time.

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