Referral mechanism

As mentioned above, 10% of the total rewards will be put into the referral fund, we call it “referral fund”. In other words, this money will be given to referrers who invite friends to join the game and the referees themselves.

Assuming that:

  • F1 is referred by F0.

  • F2 is referred by F1.

  • F3 is referred by F2.

The following diagram shows how 10% of the winner’s Referral fund will be distributed based on the referral mechanism, in case this winner is F0, F1, F2, and F3 respectively.

In simple terms, if you are F0 and the winner, 1% of your referral fund will be given to F1 (The first 5 F1 will get rewards). In addition, you can also take rewards from F1 and F2.

  • 3% of the F1 referral fund if F1 is the winner.

  • 2% of the F2 referral fund if F2 is the winner.

Notes: The amount remaining in the referral fund after distribution will be used for philanthropy.

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