Freight is considered the core of Trava Station, where you can select the needed information and parameters, drag and drop actions to execute in the order you want. For example, you want to buy NFT on the marketplace but don’t have TRAVA, so you decide to supply USDT to borrow TRAVA. With Trava Freight, all those laborious, time-consuming and costly steps on different interfaces can be combined into a single transaction.

Currently in this Testnet version, Freight only allows basic actions and interactions with Trava Finance's Lending Pools, BNB chain… We are still continuing to polish the product, adding more actions related to NFT and launching together in the Mainnet version. Of course, we won’t stop just there, but will develop Freight even more in the future. So if you have any suggestion, say it so we Trava team can check and maybe work on them.

You can check out more information on the first release of Trava Station on Testnet in our article here:

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