Smart Wallet

To support the main features of Trava Station, we utilize Smart Wallet, which is a contract that represents the user (their proxy) and lets actions go through. Conditions and access permissions are encoded into these self-executing code, rendering it both secure and adaptable for managing financial resources. When you first join Trava Station, you will be asked to create a Smart Wallet, which will hold your assets during the operations.

With Trava Station, it now acts as an intermediary so that the requests of the users can be calculated and fulfilled in one go, making the experience much smoother. In addition, our Smart Wallet can serve as a stay point of your assets when you perform some special actions in the Trava ecosystem. For example, when you create an action with Freight in Trava Station to sell Armoury items, the money won’t immediately go into your Smart Wallet. The NFT will stay there until someone buys it on the Marketplace, at which point the process ends and now your Smart Wallet will hold the money from that sale.

Smart Wallet marks a pivotal juncture in our journey, offering heightened security and streamlined accessibility for Trava Station. For more information, you can check out our previous article on this Topic.

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