Before, if you want to make similar transactions, you will have to repeat it each time. Now, Trava Station does help reduce the time-consuming steps of changing dApps, but you still need to drag and drop from the start again. Or you would have to spend time figuring out which actions are required and in what order. All these operations can be so boring and laborious.

Therefore, we would like to introduce Tramlines, a new feature added into Trava Station on October 11, 2023 👉

It provides users with common sets of pre-arranged actions to import, which are called Routes. In each route, the name will be displayed, followed by the description, requirements and so on. Tramlines also estimates the amount of gas needed using Trava Station, then compares it to the amount when performing each action separately like normal. After choosing, now you can edit the amount for each factor in Freight according to your needs.

If you have any wanted actions in your mind, feel free to suggest them to us — even though the Bug Hunt has ended, Suggestions topic in Trava Forum will continue to be open. Tramlines are constantly being improved and we will add more Routes to make your experience more convenient. For now, here are the ones already been released:

Borrowing needed assets with TRAVA

Using this route, you will only need to choose the needed amounts of TRAVA and assets you want. For the rest, Trava Station will help you complete the middle steps including swapping TRAVA for USDT and depositing into the Lending Pool to borrow wanted assets.

  • Pull TRAVA

  • Swap TRAVA for min USDT

  • Deposit USDT in Trava Lending Pool

  • Borrow USDT from Trava Lending Pool

  • Send USDT

Buying NFT Armoury items with BNB

With this route, you can use your BNB to buy Armoury items. Actions are already available for you to wrap BNB to WBNB to convert to TRAVA while ensuring the excess amount will not stay in your Smart wallet for safety.

  • Wrap

  • Swap WBNB for min TRAVA

  • Buy armoury in Trava NFT Marketplace

  • Send WBNB

  • Send TRAVA

Staking your TRAVA after the NFT Auction.

Instead of having to go through the trouble of finalizing your NFT Auction, getting TRAVA, and then moving to the Staking website to do the rest, Trava Station will complete it all for you in just one transaction. With this route, the amount of TRAVA earned from your NFT Auction will be directly staked to Trava Vault in Staking.

  • Finalize your auction on Trava NFT (Coming soon)

  • Stake TRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Send TRAVA action

Claiming rTRAVA from Trava Lending Pool to stake to

This route includes actions for you to claim rTRAVA rewards from our Lending Pool, then pull that amount of token to Smart Wallet to stake directly into rTrava vault in Trava Staking, without needing to change dApps in between actions.

  • Claim rTRAVA from Trava Lending Pool

  • Pull rTRAVA

  • Stake rTRAVA in Trava Staking

Claiming rewards from Trava Lending Pool and Staking

This route includes actions for you to claim rTRAVA from our Lending Pool, and TRAVA rewards from vaults belonging to Trava Staking, then send that amount of rTRAVA/TRAVA from Smart Wallet to your original Wallet.

  • Claim rTRAVA from Trava Lending Pool

  • Withdraw rTRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Withdraw BNB/TRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Withdraw TRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Withdraw rTRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Send TRAVA

  • Send rTRAVA

Joining Trava Governance with your staked

This route will help you get the staked BNB/TRAVA, lock it into Trava Governance, and claim your rewards from the Vault. Trava Station has neatly arranged a process that includes many steps so that you can operate as easily as possible.

  • Withdraw BNB/TRAVA in Trava Staking

  • Create lock on Trava Governance (Coming soon)

  • Claim TRAVA from Trava Staking

More coming soon…

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