Bricher Glossary


Automatically invest Automatically investing means that you only need to click one button, then all the investment steps will be implemented automatically.


Composite strategy A combination of multiple investing methods, including providing liquidity, swapping, staking, depositing, and borrowing in the lending pools.


DEX Aggregator DEX aggregators are financial protocols that enable cryptocurrency traders to access a range of trading pools from a single dashboard.


Input token The type of token investors spend as initial capital.

Investment Diaries A Function that allows users to save and track their investment plans.


Manually invest Manually investing means you follow our instructions step by step to implement the strategy.


Number of steps The number of investment steps included in a suggested strategy.


Output token The type of token investors receive as benefits from the investment strategy.

One-step strategy An investment plan that usually consists of only one investment action (with a particular method).


Real-time ROI The ROI index at the time the investment strategies are suggested.

ROI (Return on Investment) A profitability metric calculated by dividing the profit earned on an investment by the cost of that investment.

ROI History The chart shows the ROI metric in the past before the time investment strategies are suggested.


Safety index A metric used to evaluate the risk level of the strategy. The higher the index is, the less risk the strategy carries. The index ranks the strategy safety from 0 to 1000, worst to best.

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