Trava Knight NFT Glossary


Armoury There are 4 NFTs (4 items), which can be assembled to complete a Knight: Helmet, Armor, Shield, and Weapon. Collecting 4 full items and assembling them, users will create a Trava Knight NFT.

Armoury Chest A Trava Armoury Chest contains one out of 4 Trava Knight NFT: Helmet; Armor, Shield and Weapon.

Auction Trava NFT Auction is a platform for NFT owners to sell their Knights by creating an Auction room and waiting for bidders to join and buy the Knights. Bidders can join any room and bid on the preferred Knights to become the owners of the Knights.

Assembly This is a function for users to combine 4 different kinds of NFT Armoury to create a complete NFT Knight.


Buy Order Allows users to order Knights, Items they need on our NFT Marketplace.


Disassemble This function allows users to take apart an NFT Knight to 4 different NFT Armoury.


EXP EXP is the parameter indicating the loyalty of NFT owners in our Farming Program. In the near future, EXP will be calculated in various ways apart from the length that NFT is farmed in our vault.

Expeditions This includes missions that Knights can join to earn high rewards in a certain amount of time. The mission's success rate depends on the mission's difficulty, the rarity of the Knights, and their accumulated experience.


Heuristic Farming This is a farming mechanism based on EXP with 5 new vaults, and you can deposit as many knights as you want into each Vault, provided those knights have the same rarity as that Vault. Rewards from Heuristic Farming are rTRAVA tokens and EXP (one EXP for every 3 seconds in the vault). Higher EXP, higher rewards.


Inventory A list of owner's NFT Armoury with functions relating to the NFT Armoury, such as Assemble, Trade-Up, Transmutation.


NFT A non-fungible token (NFT) is a financial security consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain, a form of distributed ledger.

NFT-collateralization The function in which Trava Knight NFTs can be used as collaterals in the Trava Lending Pool.

Normal Farming Is a mechanism for NFT owners to deposit their Knights and earn EXP (one EXP for each second in 5 normal farming vaults).


Rarity There are five rarities for our NFTs: Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Crystal. The rarer the NFT, the more expensive and the higher APR

Rental Marketplace (Rent Order) A marketplace where users from Kawaii can come and lend out items for a short period of time such as trees, fields, pets, etc. to earn rewards in their Kawaii lands.


Sell Marketplace (Sell order) Allows users to buy Knight, Armoury they need on NFT Marketplace.


The Assembly of Twelve A special organization was created to guide the Trava Kingdom. The 12 seats of the Assembly are the Crown, the Wings, the Shield, the Eye, the Spear, the Sword, the Bow, the Cloak, the Helmet, the Armor, the Gauntlet, and the Shadow.

Trade-Up The Trade-Up Mechanism allows NFT owners to combine 4 identical Armoury NFTs of the same rarity and the same type into a single higher rarity Armoury NFT of the same type.

Transmutation Transmutation allows Knights owners to easily transmute 2 Trava Armory NFTs, which are of the same rarity and type, to get a different kind of item in the same rarity.

Trava Knight NFT A Knight NFT can be created by assembling 4 full Armoury. The rarity of a Trava Knight NFT will be determined by the average rarity of 4 Trava Armoury NFTs.

Trava NFT Marketplace An NFT marketplace is a place that gives users a platform to exchange Knights, Items, etc., including 3 types of market: Rent Order, Buy order, and Sell Order.

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