TraDAO Glossary


APY Annual Percentage Yield is the normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period over one year. Note that APYs provided are ballpark level indicators and not precise future results.

Auto-compound Staking The rewards from the staking program are compounded. The compounding period of approximately 8 hours explains the high APY.


Backing per TOD

Every TOD in circulation is backed by the TraDAO treasury, composed of stablecoins, TOD-stablecoin LP tokens, and other assets. Backing per TOD is the dollar value of each TOD token based on the backing reserve.

Backing Reserves Backing Reserves is the sum of all reserve assets' RFV value from the treasury.

Bond Installment Installment bonding is one of the regulations of TraDAO, which allow users to pay partly in a certain time when buying bonds; they don’t have to pay all in one go. They can deposit bonds to auto-compound vaults to earn rewards and payout original debt plus corresponding interest debt.


Circulating Supply The best approximation of the number of TOD tokens circulating in the market and in the general public's hands.

Current Index When users stake TOD, they will receive xTOD tokens. The index value represents the conversion ratio between TOD and xTOD. At the initial state of the protocol, the index is 1.0, which means the conversion is 1:1. The index will increase through the rebase process to track how much users’ TOD balance has increased from auto-compounding reward. Index will never decrease, only increase.


DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a governance mechanism for making decisions in a more trustless and collaborative way. Voting rights are often bound to a governance token.

Discount Users have a chance to buy TOD with a discount by purchasing Bonds. When the demand for Bonds gets too high, the bond price might rise above its market price, therefore the discount might have a negative value.


Market Cap The market cap (or market capitalization) is the total dollar value of TOD tokens in circulation.

Market Value of Treasury Assets Market Value of Treasury Assets is the sum of the value (in dollars) of all assets held by the treasury

Multi-chain Deployment TraDAO will be deployed on multiple chains in the future, which opens more opportunities for new investors to get more rewards while bonding and staking in our TraDAO system.


Next Reward Amount The next reward amount is the increasing number of a user’s TOD balance in the next rebase.

Next Reward Yield Reward yield is the interest rate for compounding staking. This reward yield depends on the total value staked and the treasury’s balance. It may change each epoch to achieve sustainable reward emission.


Protocol Owned Liquidity Protocol Owned Liquidity is the amount of LP the treasury owns and controls

Purchased Every bond program has a capacity, set at the opening time and can not be changed. Purchased parameter is the percentage of bond sold over its capacity.


Reward Rate Reward rate is the configured percentage of TOD distributed to all stakers on each rebase relative to the total supply. The reward rate is precisely adjusted based on user benefit and runaway time available by protocol policy.

Risk-Free Value (RFV) Risk-Free Value is the amount of funds the treasury guarantees to use for backing TOD. There are two types of assets reserved in the treasury: stablecoins and LP tokens.


Secondary Bond Marketplace A bond marketplace allows users to auction and purchase liquidated bonds, immature bonds,... It provides users another gateway to bond and takes advantage of liquidated bonds or immature bonds to leverage their profit through Staking Strategy.

Staking ROI


TOD Reputation TOD reputation is a parameter to evaluate holders’ loyalty to the token TOD, expressing the trust and reputation of the holder in the token community.

Total Supply TOD is an uncapped token with a dynamic supply depending on market supply-demand. TOD supply increases when minted by Treasury only:

  1. TOD is minted and distributed as stakers’ rewards.

  2. TOD is minted from bond revenues whenever someone purchases a bond: - TOD is minted for bonders when they redeem after the vesting period and unstake. - TOD is minted for DAO, determined by a rate set by the policy team.

Total Value Staked The total value staked is the number of TOD tokens users staked in the staking contract, multiplied by TOD’s price on the market.

Treasury The treasury is a basket of assets (e.g., BUSD, DAI, TOD-BUSD LP…) to back the value of TOD.

Treasury Balance Complete name is the market value of treasury assets. Treasury balance is defined as the total market value of all registered assets in the treasury.


Vesting Time After purchasing bonds, TOD tokens will be available for claiming after a vesting period… Users can keep track of their bonds’ vesting time in the My Bond section from UI. While vesting, your TOD tokens are automatically staked. There is two types of vesting terms:

  • Fixed expiration: vesting time will be the time difference between the time of purchasing until the bond closes. If the bond is vested at 10:00 AM, March 14, any notes purchased can be redeemed after that time.

  • Fixed term: vesting time will always be a duration set per bond. If the vesting is 7 days, you can redeem it exactly 7 days after buying it.

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