Trava Ticket Glossary


Counter Ticket Tickets bought from Trava Counter


Incentive Ticket Tickets earned as rewards while participating in various Trava programs


Presale Ticket Tickets bought from the presale program


Ticket for Battle Hand A special program for Trava Battle Hand's hosts allowing them to get Tickets as rewards besides the winning bets

Ticket for Expedition A utility of Trava Tickets allowing users to boost success rate and rewards, EXP, while joining Trava NFT Expedition

Ticket for Treasure Map A utility of Trava Tickets allowing users to access the Trava Treasure Map (1 ticket needed for each term) and earn Reward Tickets

Ticket in exchange for Chests One of the most critical utilities of Trava Tickets allowing users to exchange 10 Tickets for one chest

Ticket Marketplace A place where users can come to buy or sell Tickets, and it supports peer-to-peer transactions, in which sellers can determine the Ticket prices and buyers can freely choose the suitable prices to buy, and applies the Liquidity Pool mechanism, including swapping and providing liquidity, so that users can gain additional profits.

Ticket Staking Program A special 1-month program allowing users to stake presale tickets and earn high rewards with APR from 150% to 1500%

Ticket/TRAVA Pool A liquidity pool in the Ticket Marketplace allowing users to provide liquidity or swap TRAVA and Tickets

Trava Counter A place where users can buy/sell Counter Tickets to the protocol at 80% of the current counter price and sell Incentive Tickets. The counter price increases/decreases depending on the ticket demand but will always be maintained at a minimum of $1.

Trava Ticket An exchangeable asset that allows users to own additional perks or access to products in the Trava Ecosystem.Trava Ticket for

Trava Bridge An important utility of Trava Tickets allowing users to optimize their cross-chain transaction (TRAVA) by increasing the limitation of the transacted tokens (per transaction and per day)

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