Trava Pool Creation User Guide

Trava Pool Creation Components

In the Trava Multi-pool Ecosystem, there are three main components: - Pool Owners: Who create and manage their own lending pools. - Users: who use lending services (of Trava lending pool and user-owned lending pools) such as borrowing, depositing, etc. - Trava Governance: Who plays the significant roles in the decision-making process while running the ecosystem.

Each of these components has its own roles and responsibilities that are shown in the infographic below:

As shown on the infographic, while pool owners can freely add new tokens (set risk parameters included) or set reserve conditions, they need to assist Governance’s opinion if wanting to make changes after that.

User Guide for Pool Owners

This documentation provides you with a thorough guideline for creating and managing pools with Trava Pool Creation.

How to create a pool

Step 1. Accessing Trava Finance App

  • Accessing Trava Finance App.

  • Connect and authorize your wallet.

  • In the tab Market on the left menu, click on “Pool creation”.

Step 2. Naming for your pool

Fill in your pool name in the “pool name” section on the right (“User-owned pool 1” for example), then click on “Add asset”.

Step 3. Adding assets.

After clicking on “Add asset,” a setting box will appear that requires you to add assets and set different parameters that you want.

  • To add an asset, first, click on the search bar, and a list of available assets will appear for you to choose from. (Besides these tokens, in the future, you can also propose other assets that you want).

  • After that, our recommendation algorithm will provide a set of parameters, including Reserve Parameter (Loan to Value, Liquidation threshold, Reserve Factor, Liquidation bonus) and Interesting rate strategy (Slope 1 & 2, Utilization optimal, Based interest rate). These parameters are set the same as the Trava Lending pool risk parameters, which are considered effective.

However, you can still set the different parameters by filling in reasonable numbers in these different sections.

If you want to add another asset, click on “Add asset” and do the same steps as above.

Step 4. Confirm and finish creating the pool.

After setting all assets for your pool, click on “Confirm” in the under-left corner.

Following the next requirements that are shown in the pop-up.

The pop-up shows that you created a new pool successfully with details of this pool: Name, Assets, and owner address.

Step 5. Check Pool information

  • To check the pool list and details of each pool, first, in the tab market, click on the “Pools” section.

  • In the upper-right corner, click on “Config Pool”.

  • After that, details information about your pools will appear on another tab:

How to manage your own pool

Step 1. Access the Pool Monitoring

After creating your own lending pools, you can manage your pool with various analytics tools provided by Trava Finance. In the test-net version, you can first use “Pool monitoring” to track your pools. In the near future, User Monitoring and Transaction Monitoring will also be integrated to assist you in the pool management process.

To access your pool list, first, in the “Market” tab on the left menu, click on the “Pools” button.

A new tab - “Pool Monitoring,” will appear, showing you information on your pools, as below:

Step 2. Manage your pool with Pool Monitoring

  • To access different pools, click on the little arrow beside the pool name then a pool list will appear, click on the pool that you want to check.

  • In the tab “Monitoring”, you can check out various information such as Assets and their price, Pool address, Total supply, and Total borrowed.

  • By clicking on a particular asset (or the little arrow on the right), you can check more details about its Reserve Parameter, Interest Rate Strategy, and Incentive.

Reserve Parameter tab:

Interest Rate Strategy tab:

How to update and make changes for the pools.

While you can freely create your own pool, if you want to update or make changes, you will need the acceptance of the Governance.

These updates and changes can be: update tToken logic, update debtToken logic, change risk parameter, activate/deactivate reserve, update Interest rate for reserve, and pause lending pool.

Step 1. Access Pool Monitoring.

  • In the “Market” tab on the left menu, click on the “Pools” button, then click on “Config Pool”.

Step 2. Choose the pool that you want to make changes.

  • Click on the little arrow beside the pool name, and then a pool list will appear. Click on the pool that you want to update.

  • Click on the asset (or the little arrow on the right) that you want to make changes, and a box with detailed information will appear:

Step 3. Update your pool.

  • Choose the tab Reserve Parameter or Interest Rate Strategy.

  • Click on the “Edit” button in the under-right corner.

  • An information box will appear for you to fill in the new parameters.

  • After that, click “Confirm” and confirm your transaction.

Step 4. Waiting for the acceptance of the Governance.

  • As mentioned, these changes will need to be accepted by the Governance. Thus, after finishing step 3, you can check for your request status in the “Request” tab.

  • In this tab, you can also can you request by clicking on the “Cancel button”.

Step 5. Execute the modification.

After the Governance accepts your modification, click on the “Execute” button to execute the modification.

User Guide for lenders/borrowers joining Trava Lending pool and User-owned pools

Step 1. Accessing the pools.

  • Access to Trava Finance Apps.

  • In the tab market on the left menu, click on “Pools”.

  • A list of pools and their information (pool, owner address, supported assets, Total supply, Total borrow, TVL, Deposit rate, etc.).

  • You can also search for pools with the filter by the pool, asset, and owner in the search bar on the left.

Step 2. Choose a pool to join.

  • Click on the pool that you want to join.

  • This pool’s interface will then appear as below:

Step 3. Using lending pools services.

There are four main actions in the lending pools (both Trava lending pool and user-owned pools):

  • Deposit an asset in the lending pools.

  • Withdraw an asset.

  • Borrow an asset in a pool.

  • Repay your loan.

Executing all these actions in user-owned pools will be the same as within the Trava lending pool. For that reason, please check the user guide for the Trava lending pool for more details.

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