veTRAVA Marketplace User Guide


veTRAVA Marketplace is a fresh move toward furthering Trava Governance, and perfecting a fully decentralized market. With its launch, you will be able to freely buy and sell veTRAVA, which represents voting power in the ecosystem. Therefore, veTRAVA Marketplace helps to distribute decision-making rights in the community, implementing decentralization. It also brings along many other benefits, which you can learn more in this article about veTRAVA Marketplace.

The following article will guide you through how to operate on the veTRAVA Marketplace, with details on the two main topics of buying and selling veTRAVA.

Join veTRAVA Marketplace

Step 1: Visit the main site of veTRAVA Marketplace:

Step 2: Connect your wallet.

How to buy veTRAVA

In the main area of veTRAVA Marketplace, you will see sales orders being put up by other members of the community. Each of them is shown with detailed information such as voting power, price, … so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


You can also set requirements to find exactly what you want to buy:

  • Search for anything, or find a specific veTRAVA Owner and sale ID by clicking “Search All” and then type in what you are looking for:

  • Sort sales orders in veTRAVA Marketplace by clicking the “Sort by” button.

  • Filter sales orders by Rank and Price Range you can offer, by clicking the “Filters” button and then customize according to your requirements.

Buying veTRAVA

Step 1: Just click on any sale slot:

Step 2: You will be directed to this page, click the “Buy” button:

Step 3: Confirm the money in the transaction and wait for it to be done:

How to sell veTRAVA

Step 1: Click the “Create” button on the main site of veTRAVA Marketplace.

Step 2: Choose the amount of veTRAVA you want and click the “Sell” button.

Step 3: Choose between two tokens, TRAVA and BUSD, and then enter the number you want for your veTRAVA.

Step 4: Click the “Sell” button.

Step 5: Confirm your Transaction.

Important notes - How reasonable prices of veTRAVA are set?

Exchanging veTRAVA on the veTRAVA marketplace also means exchanging:

  • Voting power.

  • Initial tokens locked: Buyers will get all token amounts locked in the first place.

  • Total rewards: Buyers will receive total rewards including both weekly rewards and warm-up rewards sellers received during their locking period.

That means when selling or buying veTRAVA, you should consider all these factors to set (if you’re a seller) or to choose (if you’re a buyer) a reasonable price.

After clicking on each veTRAVA spot, all this information will be shown as follows:

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