Trava Pottery User Guide


Trava Pottery is a Quiz-to-earn game developed by Trava.Finance with the purpose to improve users’ understanding of this Ecosystem. We will provide you with various packages of questions with different topics, rewards, and time limits. All you have to do is choose a package, answer the questions within the time limit, and receive a well-deserved reward. To participate, the only requirement is that you must own BAB tokens (Binance Account Bound). You can get some extra benefits if you invite friends to join in as well. To understand more about this event, you can refer to the content at Pottery Mechanism.

The following article will guide you in detail on how to participate and receive worthy rewards with Trava Pottery. Note that all the example images used are from the desktop interface, but don’t worry because in general, it is quite similar on other mobile devices.

How to join Trava Pottery

Trava Pottery Entrance

Visit the main site of Trava Pottery:

You will be reminded to connect your wallet if you haven’t. You can select and authorize the wallet you want depending on your preferences, but make sure that it has a BAB token. BAB is a non-transferable token with no monetary value – its main use is to prove that the owner of the wallet has verified their identity. You can check how to mint BAB tokens here.

The main frame of the Trava Pottery looks like this:

Choosing the quiz packages

There are quite a few ways for you to choose for yourself a quiz package as desired. First, you can find them right on the main screen, including the most trending ones in the system.

If you’ve answered all of them or don’t see a satisfactory quiz package, you can expand your search by clicking “Explorer” located on the top, or the “View all” button on the right-hand side.

You will then be taken to the quiz collection page as following, where all the live quiz packages will appear, in addition, you can search for a specific package:

Or you can optionally customize your search requirements based on:

  • Status of quiz packages, by clicking on the “Live” or “Finished” button.

  • Remaining time, by clicking on the “Time Left” button and choosing 1 option.

  • Reward type, by clicking on the “All Reward” button and choosing 1 option.

Answering the questions

From the overall interface of a quiz package, you can get its name, topic, reward, and time left.

After clicking on a satisfactory package and being taken to the following interface, you press the blue “Start” button to start playing:

Then demonstrate your knowledge of the field by answering all questions in the package. After choosing the answer, click “Next” to go to the next question or “Back” to check and change your previous answer. For each of these questions, choose one best answer.

There is also type of questions with multiple answers, and the “Submit” button only lights up when you finish answering all the questions in the package.

Accept the gas fee:

If there’s still time left for the quiz package, you will have to wait before you can claim the reward. During that time, you can join other packages, possibly ones with the same topic.

Receive reward

When the quiz packages’ running period has ended, users who have correctly answered all the questions must return to claim the reward WITHIN 1 WEEK, otherwise, it’ll be gone.

Checking profile

Click on your account number to access the profile page:

On the profile page, you will know the information about your level, the amount of rewards earned and claimed, the number of people referred, and your quiz packages organized by their status:

  • Pending (your finished quiz packages waiting to end)

  • Claimable (your quiz packages that ended but you have not received the reward)

  • Claimed (your quiz packages that you have received rewards)

  • Lost (quiz packages for which you do not receive a reward)

Rewards Mechanism

You can read more details about the rewards mechanism of the Pottery here.

Vesting Pool

This includes 40% of Pottery’s total reward, which you can claim daily (24 hours), with the amount depending on the number of friends you have successfully invited to join Pottery. All you have to do is click on “Vesting Pool” on the Profile page, then the “Claim” button.


At the bottom are the “Leaderboard” section, with time left in the counting period, and FAQ. They will have the following look if you have connected your Wallet:

You can click the “Claim” button to get your reward:

Referral system

Basically, its mechanism is that those who invite friends and the friends themselves will receive a reward distributed from the referral fund, which is 10% of the total reward. In addition, the number of referees will have an impact on the percentage of rewards you can claim from the vesting pool, which has been discussed in the previous section.

Referring friends

Click the “Create code” button on your Profile page, and you will be asked for a gas fee to continue (this is just an example if you use Metamask).

After that you can send the code to your friends – these referees will bring you additional rewards and some other benefits. When they use your code, your friends will appear in the referral list:

As the referee

If you are a referee, help the one who referred you and yourself get rewards by entering their address. After pressing “Enter code” button, the following interface will appear:

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