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About us

Trava Knight NFT is one of six products developed by Trava Team.

Trava Team was established in 2018 with initial 20+ members, and our team has gathered outstanding specialists and individuals in such domains of blockchain, security, finance, and risk management. You can find out more about our team on our website: https://trava.finance/

Our vision and mission

NFT-collateralization is considered as one of our USPs. As a result, Trava Finance is making progress toward its goal of allowing NFTs to be used as collateral and improving the lending protocol. In the future, we will develop the auction mechanism to price our NFTs and then prepare to integrate NFTs into our lending pool, which acts as collateral for loans. Trava NFT Marketplace, which is planned to launch first, will be the first step on our path to enable NFT-collateralization feature and bring huge benefits to our lenders and borrowers in the near future.

The launch of Trava Knight NFT also helps us to increase TRAVA utility in our system, as all the trading on our Marketplace will be in $TRAVA. Thus, $TRAVA holders will receive a lot of benefits from the launch of Trava Knight NFT. Moreover, our mission is also to maximize the utility of Trava Knight NFT in our lending pool system.

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