🏹How to open chests and assemble Trava Armoury NFTs

Open Chest

  • Click on the tab “Chest”, choose “Open Chest”

  • Click ‘Open”

  • When the chest opens, you will receive one out of 4 items: Helmet, Armor, Shield or Weapon in one rarity among 5 rarities: Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Crystal

  • After collecting full of 4 Trava Armoury NFTs, you can start to assemble the item to create a Trava Knight NFT

Assemble Trava Armoury NFTs

  • Click on “Inventory” tab

  • At the “Equipment” section, you will see the Trava Armoury NFTs that belong to you.

  • Click on the items you want to assemble to a Trava Knight NFT.

Be aware that, you must own four NFTs of Helmet, Armor, Shield and Weapon to assemble and create a Knight NFT.

Also note that, the maximum spaces in “Equipment” section of one wallet is 50, which mean one wallet can own maximum of 50 Trava Armoury NFTs (or 50 items) including Armoury Chests

  • Click on “Assemble”

  • After completing the assembly, you will get a Knight NFT which is shown in the “Collection” section.

  • You can disassemble your Trava Knight NFT at any time

Be aware that, the maximum spaces you have in your wallet are 50 spaces, corresponding to 50 Trava Armoury NFTs. The number of Trava Knight NFTs in “Collection” section is unlimited.

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