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Introduction to Trava Ticket

What is Trava Ticket?

A ticket in Trava Finance is an exchangeable asset that allows users to own additional perks or access to products in the Trava Ecosystem.

There are three types of tickets: Counter Ticket, Presale Ticket, and Incentive Ticket. Each has different usages, as described more thoroughly in the next part.

What is it used for?

As defined above, the Trava tickets carry out two primary uses: to exchange and access the Trava Ecosystem.

Specifically, users can buy or sell these tickets on Trava Counter or Ticket Marketplace (the details in the next part) to earn profits from trading activities. In addition, as its name — “Ticket” — this asset will be needed to participate in various programs in the Trava Ecosystem, including Trava NFT (farming, buying chest, etc.), Trava Lending (governance, bridge, NFT collateralization) or TraDAO, which might be rebranded to Trava Capital (based on community decision).

Trava Counter, Ticket Marketplace, and three types of Ticket

Trava Counter and Ticket Marketplace

Trava Counter and Ticket Marketplace are two platforms for users to exchange tickets. While the former is for trading with the protocol, the latter is for selling or buying peer-to-peer.

Another fundamental difference between these two is the price determination method. - On Trava Counter: The counter price increases/decreases depending on the ticket demand but will always be maintained at a minimum of $1. Besides buying tickets, users can also sell these assets to the protocol at 80% of the current counter price. In fact, users can benefit from buying tickets and selling them at a higher price. For example, assuming that users buy tickets at 1$, two weeks later, if the current counter price increases to $2 because of the increasing demand, they can earn profits by selling these tickets at 1,6$ (80% of $2) to the protocol. - On the marketplace: The price will be determined by the sellers and buyers themselves.

Three types of Ticket

As mentioned above, there are different types of tickets: - Counter Ticket: Tickets bought from Trava Counter - Presale Ticket: Tickets bought from the presale program - Incentive Ticket: Tickets earned as rewards while participating in various Trava programs.

The fundamental exchange mechanism

Each type of ticket has its exchange mechanism, which can be simplified in the table below:

Crucial note: As mentioned, the Ticketomics combine both max circulating supply and mint/burn mechanism, which means we ensure the max circulating supply will be fixed at a certain number. With this innovative idea, we long to enrich the whole ecosystem. Given that Trava Finance has developed various features and products, utilities of Trava Ticket will be applied right after its launch. In the long term, more and more features will be released gradually to enhance users’ experience.

Trava Ticket Utilities

Ticket will be implemented in the main products of Trava Finance, including Trava Knight NFT, Trava Lending, Trava Capital, and also the MiniGame Series. Moreover, the Ticket can be sold to Trava Protocol or other owners as an exchangeable asset to gain more profit.

Trava Knight NFT

In Trava Knight NFT, Trava Ticket can be used in Missions, including Treasure Map and Expedition, as well as an asset to exchange for Chest and receive Armoury to assemble Knights.

In the upcoming feature of Trava Knight NFT, the Treasure Map, Ticket will be utilized as an entrance ticket. Players must have a Ticket to enter the missions in Treasure Map. By joining Treasure Map, users can have the opportunity of earning more Tickets and other rewards.

Moreover, Ticket will boost the success rate in the Expedition feature. When a user has a Ticket, their success rate after finishing a mission in Expedition is much higher. To enter Expedition, users have to pay a small entrance fee, but the rewards are very worthy, especially now with the enhancement of owning a Ticket.

Lastly, the essential utility of Ticket is the capability of exchanging Ticket for Chest and receiving Armoury to build a full Trava Knight. With this utility, users will have chances to enter the Trava Kingdom without paying a large amount of money to buy Knights directly from the Marketplace. Furthermore, with the assembled Knights, users can join in Mission features in Trava Knight NFT, including Farming to gain rewards and EXP, joining Expedition and earn rewards, Incentive Tickets, EXP, etc.

In the future, Tickets will be implemented in the PvP Tournament in Trava Knight NFT. More details are coming soon!

Trava Lending

With the ownership of Trava Ticket, users will be able to change the time/balance lock in Trava Governance even after you have locked your investment in. Another utility of Ticket in Trava Lending is that users can make use of the Ticket to withdraw rewards in Governance earlier.

Moreover, users can use Ticket to exchange for multiple transactions in Bridge, which helps the transaction process faster and more conveniently. For more details, Ticket owners will have the right to increase the number of transactions in 1 day, the maximum amount of tokens in a transaction/day, and create multiple bridge transactions at the same time…

NFT-collateralized has always been the ultimate goal of Trava Finance. Ticket, an asset with a fixed price range, will become one of the primary collaterals in the Trava ecosystem that users can collateralize to borrow from the system. The Ticket also allows users to have access to Auction/Sell/Buy veTRAVA in the NFT Marketplace as an NFT. These two utilities confirm the crucial position of Ticket in the journey of Trava NFT-collateralized.

Trava Capital

Besides Trava Knight NFT, Trava Lending, Ticket also has its own role in TraDAO as a supportive asset. As a result, investors of TraDAO will enjoy the APR increase while owning a Ticket.

Play-to-earn in MiniGame Series

Tickets will act like rewards and entrances for Fortune Mining. The detailed mechanism will be released soon. Moreover, users can earn more Tickets (besides the winning bet) by joining the Battle Hand MiniGame. In the near future, more MiniGames will be launched with the integration of Ticket.


Besides the above, users can also sell Counter Tickets at Trava Counter at 80% of the current Counter price. Moreover, all Ticket types, including Counter Tickets, Presale Tickets, and Incentive Tickets, can be sold in the Ticket Marketplace at a price determined by sellers (peer-to-peer).

With the potential ability of Ticket, right after release, the Ticket utilities will be implemented throughout the Trava ecosystem. In the long term, more and more Ticket features will be released to meet the demand of Trava users constantly.

Business Model

An overall of the Trava Tickets

As you can see, there are 3 types of tickets: - Counter Ticket: tickets released by the Trava Counter - Presale Ticket: tickets released from the presale program - Incentive Ticket: rewards users receive when joining Trava programs

Depending on their types, tickets could be sold/bought on Trava Counter or Trava Marketplace. In addition, as mentioned, these tickets can also be used to participate in various programs of Trava Capital, Trava Lending, Trava Knight NFT, Minigame Series, etc.

You can check out more information in the article Introduction to Trava Ticket utilities.

The circular benefit

As mentioned, trading and accessing the Trava ecosystem are the two critical utilities of Trava Ticket. By owning tickets and then applying in both of these two functions, you can optimize their benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get benefits with Trava Ticket:

Benefit of Trading

Benefit of accessing various products and features in the Trava Ecosystem

All tickets of all kinds can be used to access these features.

Scenario 1. Applied in Trava Capital: The ticket can be used to boost APR in Trava Capital which will then increase your profit.

Scenario 2. Applied in Trava Lending: By owning tickets, you can get much more benefits in Trava Lending, relating to Trava Governance, Trava Bridge, Fortune Mining Pool, and Auction as well as collateral. More specific, using tickets, you can: - Change time/balance lock in Trava Governance - Be allowed to implement multiple transactions in Trava Bridge - Borrow assets with Tickets as NFT-collateralized - Withdraw rewards in Governance earlier - Be able to put veTRAVA on the Auction/Sell/Buy program.

Scenario 3. Applied in Trava Knight NFT: Take a look at the diagram that shows how you can apply for Tickets in the Trava Knight NFT programs.

To be more specific, you can first buy tickets, then use them to exchange for chests. After opening your chests and getting armories, you can either exchange them on the NFT marketplace or continue collecting armories to assemble the Trava NFT Knight. Then, you have multiple options related to trading or to joining missions and minigames. The TRAVA and Incentive tickets you earn can be continuously used to get tickets, then repeatedly enjoy their utilities. And the circulation list goes on.

To sum up, by owning tickets and optimizing them in various functions in the Trava Ecosystem, you can constantly get benefits thanks to the circular benefit model.

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