🛡️Trava Armoury Chest

A Trava Armoury Chest contains one out of 4 Trava Knight NFT: Helmet; Armor, Shield and Weapon. There will be three options to buy Trava Armoury Chest, users can buy one chest, a set of five chests, or a set of ten chests. Each Chest will be sold at 5000 $TRAVA in this early stage. The combo of 5 chests will be sold at a 5% discount, which means the price for 5 chests is 23,750 $TRAVA. The combo of 10 will be discounted 10%, making the total price for 10 chests 45,000 $TRAVA.

Note that each wallet can only own a maximum of 50 Trava Armoury NFTs (50 items, including unopened Armoury Chests) at any given time. The number of Trava Knight NFTs that a wallet can hold is unlimited. Assembling a complete set of 4 Trava Armoury NFTs will result in a Trava Knight NFT.

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