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Stories of Mysterious Lands

Ruins of Alzatecia
The Ruins of Alzatecia is located far to the west of the Trava Kingdom, in the middle of the Nymeria desert. Once a prosperous city, all that is left now are some stone columns and stone statues, portraying long forgotten kings - or gods.
It is still unknown why Alzatecia was destroyed, but historians have agreed that the city’s position between the rocky pillars made it invulnerable to invasions. Upon further inspection of skeletons, traces of a deadly bacteria were found, and historians concluded that the city was most probably wiped by a plague.
Nevertheless, adventurers still venture to these ruins, trying to find lost artifacts to collect or to sell on the black market. But, the land is desolated and infested with desert monsters - huge sandworms, giant vultures and deadly spiders - and the duty of keeping the place safe for travel falls on the noble Trava Knights.
Peaks of Orange Mountain
Situated on the Northern border of the Kingdom, Orange Mountain range got its name from the spectacular sight on the Summer Solstice day, when at exactly 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun glimmers through the Peak of Shattered Hope, and the whole mountain range is dyed in a mesmerizing orange.
Aside from that specific moment, the mountain range is perpetually white, covered in thick, deep snow, with blizzards constantly brewing and subsiding.
The sub-zero temperature renders this place mostly inaccessible for inhabiting, humans and beasts alike, but brave souls still seek thrills atop the mountain peaks, and when things go awry, it’s turn for the Trava Knight to the rescue.
Mystic Forest of Mythra
Mythra, the Mystic Forest, is located only a few hundred miles away from the Holy Citadel of Middengeard, and it is home of various mythical beasts that are only thought to exist in books.
At night, Mythra emits an eerie and mysterious gold shine, said to be the lingering flame of unfortunate souls captured by the forest.
True to its name, venturing into Mythra is never an easy task, when not only you can be assaulted by rogue monsters at any moment, but the layout of the forest also changes constantly, rendering most maps useless.
Only the most veteran of Knights are capable of navigating the forest with the assist of a special compass, and only they are capable of subduing monstrous mythical beasts - either to rescue wandering folks, or to collect ingredients for the Kingdom.
The Southern Empty
Located on the southern basin of Trava Kingdom is a vast uninhabitable landmass, usually referred to as the Southern Empty.
The landmass is composed of several natural - or alien - stone pillars, with mysterious carvings of undiscovered origins. Even more strange, the pillars have veins latched onto them, and one can clearly see purple substances flowing inside these veins into the pillars, then disperses into the air in the form of a thick purple mist.
The composition of the purple mist has not yet been known, since any attempt to contain these mist ended in failure. But it is believed that the mist directly affects one’s mind, as upon entering the Southern Empty, most people feel an unexplainable dread and despair, and in extreme cases, some end their lives on the spot.
Thus, only the most elite and most steel-hearted Knights are capable of exploring the Southern Empty, and their efforts have recovered important artifacts from long lost past.
Duparrich Bay
Only ten years ago, Duparrich Bay was the “Jewel of the Ocean”, the most important harbor of the Trava Kingdom, where three-quarters of foreign exchange must pass through.
Not only did it lie on the intercontinental trade route, it also had beautiful beaches which proved popular with local folks and foreign tourists alike.
Then, on that fateful day, the Darkeye Pirates came.
With manpower up to hundreds of thousands, led by the self-proclaimed Pirate King Darkbeard, they ransacked the harbor, then occupied Duparrich Bay and turned it into its lair, occasionally sending pirate ships to wreck havoc on the East Sea.
Several attempts to thwart the evil have been made, but the Darkeye’s strength is monumental, not to mention The Pirate King himself, who commands powers far from that of a human.
Thus, a trip into Duparrich Bay, whether for rescuing civilians or retrieving pirated goods, is not for the inexperienced Knights, and surely one must think twice before charging into the evil’s jaw.
No Man’s Land, Nemoira

Duty of Knights

Each piece of enigmatic land corresponds to a certain level of difficulty. The difficulty levels for 6 lands has been shown as the table below:
🏜Ruins of Alzatecia
Rookie ⭐️
🏔Peaks of Orange Mountain
Professional ⭐️⭐️
🔥Mystic Forest of Mythra
Veteran ⭐️⭐️⭐️
🔮The Southern Empty
Elite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
🌊Duparrich Bay
Master ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
🌋No Man's Land, Nemoira
Ultimate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The Knights are sent on various missions, each will take a certain amount of time. To embark on a mission, each Knight will have to spend some expenditure, paid in $TRAVA, to cover the cost of adventuring. However, should he prevail, the reward paid by Trava Kingdom will be much more glamorous, depending on the arduousness of the mission. Finishing the mission, Knights will receive rewards and experience depending on the mission report. The success rate of the mission depends on the difficulty of the mission, the rarity of the Knights and their accumulated experience. Rarer knights with higher EXP are more likely to complete their mission excellently and earn their owners greater rewards. Knights’ owners are advised to plan carefully to send their Knight into suitable lands to maximize their rewards.
Accomplishing a mission will yield you rewards and experience points, and overperforming a mission will yield yet greater rewards. But do not be discouraged from the atrocity of the lands, young Trava Knights! Even if you fail a mission, a portion of your adventure expense will be reimbursed by the Trava Kingdom, and the amount of experience earned will be much greater - for failures are the stepping stones to great achievements.
At any time, Knights can abandon their quest, but note that by doing so, you shall forfeit any kind of rewards or reimbursement, and earn zero experience.
The Expedition does not limit the number of Knights or the rarities of such Knights, thus you can send any number of any Knights into any land of your choice.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:Click on “Deploy” in the land that you would like to send your Knights to.
Step 2: Choose a Knight among your Knights to quest
Step 3: Confirm and Submit Transaction to finishing sending your Knight
Step 4: Click on “View Status” to view the status of your Knights in the lands
Step 5: When your Knight completes its mission, you can claim your rewards
Rewards will be distributed when the mission is completed.
If your Knight overperforms, you will receive more rewards. The overperformance is determined by the EXP and the rarity of the Knight.
If the mission fails, a portion of the initial expenditure will be paid back to the owner of such Knight.
If you abandon your quest, you receive no rewards.

The calculation for success rate

Time Base(Convert days to seconds for calculation)
20 days
30 days
40 days
50 days
60 days
Adventure expenses, Reward for Mission Completed, Reward for Mission Overperformed, Refund for Mission Failed and On-duty Time for each Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level
Entry Fee ($TRAVA)
Reward ($TRAVA)
Huge reward ($TRAVA)
Refund ($TRAVA)
Time (days)
350 ± 10%
50 ± 10%
950 ± 10%
150 ± 10%
2650 ± 10%
300 ± 10%
7500 ± 5%
800 ± 5%
57500 ± 5%
6500 ± 5%
EXP gained from Mission Completed
45360 ~ 50400
97200 ~ 108000
155520 ~ 172800
220320 ~ 244800
349920 ~ 388800
48600 ~ 54000
90720 ~ 100800
145800 ~ 162000
207360 ~ 230400
330480 ~ 367200
51840 ~ 57600
97200 ~ 108000
136080 ~ 151200
194400 ~ 216000
311040 ~ 345600
55080 ~ 61200
106920 ~ 118800
145800 ~ 162000
181440 ~ 201600
291600 ~ 324000
58320 ~ 64800
110160 ~ 122400
155520 ~ 172800
194400 ~ 216000
272160 ~ 302400
EXP gained from Mission Failed
50400 ~ 55440
108000 ~ 118800
172800 ~ 190080
244800 ~ 269280
388800 ~ 427680
54000 ~ 59400
100800 ~ 110880
162000 ~ 178200
230400 ~ 253440
367200 ~ 403920
57600 ~ ​63360
108000 ~ 118800
151200 ~ 166320
216000 ~ 237600
345600 ~ 380160
61200 ~ 67320
118800 ~ 130680
162000 ~ 178200
201600 ~ 221760
324000 ~ 356400
64800 ~71280
122400 ~ 134640
172800 ~ 190080
216000 ~ 237600
302400 ~ 332640