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There are five rarities for our NFTs: Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Crystal. The rarer the NFT, the more expensive and the higher APR

Trava Armoury NFT

There are 4 NFTs (4 items), which can be assembled to complete a Knight: Helmet, Armor, Shield and Weapon.

The Helmet:

The Armor

The Shield

The Weapon

Trava Knight NFT

Collecting 4 full items and assembling them, users will create a Trava Knight NFT.

Each rarity is represented by a corresponding coefficient from 1 to 5 to calculate the rarity for Trava Knight NFT. The rarity of a Trava Knight NFT will be determined by the average rarity of 4 Trava Armoury NFTs. We will take the whole part of the result to determine the rarity for a Knight NFT.

For example, four Trava Armoury NFTs collected as follows:

  • Copper Helmet = rarity 1

  • Silver Armor = rarity 2

  • Gold Shield = rarity 3

  • Crystal Weapon = rarity 5

The formula to calculate the rarity for Trava Knight NFT will be:

We round down the number to “2” to determine the rarity of your Knight NFT, which means your Knight NFT is in the rarity of Silver.

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