Transmutation allows Knights owners to easily transmute 2 Trava Armoury NFTs, which are the same rarity and type, to get another type of item in the same rarity.


  • After the Transmutation, the EXP of the new item will be calculated as the average of the two Trava armoury items transmuted.

  • A certain amount of time is required to do transmutation.

  • Those transmuting their items need to pay a small fee in $TRAVA, which depends on the rarity of each item.

  • Unlike the trade-up mechanism, in Transmutation, there is no failure rate which means users can always transmute their items successfully.

Check the detailed information about transmutation time and fee in the following table:


  • Forgery time: The period it takes to transmute the armoury item.

  • Fee: An transmutation fee of Trava Knights need to pay

For example, you transmute one diamond Shield with 100,000 EXP and one diamond Shield with 50,000 EXP to get a diamond Weapon. In this case, the Trava Knights need to pay 5000 $TRAVA and wait for 16 hours to obtain the new item. The EXP for the newly transmuted is calculated as follows:

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Go to: https://nft-app.trava.finance/inventory/transmutation

Step 2:

  • Choose 2 armoury items of the same type and rarity.

  • The transmutation fee and EXP will be shown

Step 3:

  • Click “Transmute”

  • Choose the armoury item you would like to transmute to

  • Click “Confirm” to approve the transaction

Step 4:

  • Wait for a certain amount of time to complete transmutation

  • Click “Claim” to add the newly transmuted item to your wallet

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