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Trade-up to upgrade NFTs V1 to V2 Mechanism

We are happy to announce that the Trade-Up V2 will be launched sooner than you expected to give Trava Knights the opportunity to make use of their NFTs V1 and participate in Dilution Staking.
Trade-up mechanism: Prepare for the War of the Web3
This is the preparation for the next phase of Trava Finance, as only the Knights V2 can participate in Dilution Staking (except Limited Knights). So, for members who still have NFTs V1 and don’t know what to do with them, this V Trade-up Mechanism will help you to stay in the “battle.”


The Trade-Up Mechanism allows NFT owners to combine multiple identical Armoury NFTs V1 of the same rarity into an Armoury NFT V2. For example, multiple Silver Helmets V1 can be traded up to a Silver Helmet V2.
The Trade-Up Mechanism aims to provide Trava Armoury NFT owners with a valuable opportunity to utilize their unused NFTs V1 for greater profits. By combining Armoury V2 items, users can create Knight NFTs V2 and join in the upcoming Dilution Staking feature.

How does the Trade-up work?

Each rarity will have a different Trade-up formula. The rarer the Armory items, the higher the Trade-up rate.
Trade-up for NFTs V2
3 (three) Copper V1 Armoury items can be exchanged for 1 Copper V2 Armoury item. 3 (three) Silver V1 Armoury items = 1 Silver V2 Armoury item. 2 (two) Gold V1 Armoury items = 1 Gold V2 Armoury item. 2 (two) Diamond V1 Armoury items = 1 Diamond V2 Armoury item. 1 (one) Crystal V1 Armoury items = 1 Crystal V2 Armoury item.


Unlike the previously launched Trade-up Mechanism to upgrade the rarity of Armory items, this Trade-up Mechanism will change your NFTs V1 to V2. Besides, you won’t have to worry about failure rate like when upgrading NFT items while performing this act.
Remember that Trade-up Mechanism is only for Armory items, not Knight NFTs. So you should dismantle them to get items and then you can do the trade-up to V2.