🏹EXP points

At the moment, EXP (Experience Point) is the point that shows how long an Armoury NFT is staked in our vaults. EXP is the parameter indicating the loyalty of NFT owners in our Farming Program. In the near future, EXP will be calculated in various ways apart from the length that NFT is farmed in our vault.

Currently, EXP of each Armoury NFT will increase when their owner assembles them to a Knight NFT and deposits Knight NFT in one of five vaults to farm. For every second of the Knight NFT in the vaults, EXP is added by 1. Therefore, after 1 hour EXP will increase by 3600 points. And the EXP will remain the same if it is withdrawn out of the vault

We’ve already calculated EXPs for your NFTs at the time of opening the Farming Program. EXP in a collection (Trava Knight NFT) will be averaged based on the EXP of 4 Armoury NFTs (items).

You can see your EXP either in the Inventory tab, Collection section or on Trava NFT Marketplace.

Normally, when you open chests to gain Armoury NFTs and assemble them into a Knight NFT. You farm your Knight NFT in our vault, all those Armoury NFTs are given the same EXPs. However, when you withdraw your Knight NFT, disassemble and reassemble with different items to get another Knight NFT, your Armoury NFTs will have different EXPs.

For example: You open 4 chests and get: Helmet, Shield, Armour and Weapon. You assemble them into a Knight NFT and farm in our vault. After 24h, the EXPs for Armoury NFTs are as follow:

  • Weapon EXP: 86400

  • Shield EXP: 86400

  • Armor EXP: 86400

  • Helmet EXP: 86400

So EXP of Knight NFT (collection) is as follow:

After 24h, you withdraw your Knight NFT to reassemble with Armoury NFTs you buy on Trava NFT Marketplace. Suppose, those Armoury NFTs you bought have been already farmed in vault before and have the EXPs as follow:

  • Weapon EXP: 86400

  • Shield EXP: 100000

  • Armor EXP: 320000

  • Helmet EXP: 210000

Thus, the EXP of Knight NFT (collection) is as follow:

There will be a lot of benefits for NFT owners to have high EXPs. The more EXP you have, the more value the NFT will be. This can help you to distinguish NFT value from other NFTs of the same type and rarity. Moreover, the EXP will be applied in our Trade-up Mechanism which will be launched soon. In the future, EXP will be used with Credit Score and applied to NFT-collateralization. It can be said that EXP is an important factor in Trava Knight NFT to reach our goal of collateralization.

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